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Welcome to Paul Stayt’s portfolio.


Paul is a London based freelance designer with a passion for all things digital and has experience designing not only for print but working on motion graphics, mobile phone applications and websites ranging from basic layout to UI & UX design and html & css.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your project or design needs.

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Estate Manager App

Brief Overview

Currently in development

Having co-founded the Estate Manager Application (EMA) with my partner we required a website to sell the application and begin general marketing of our new product.

The EMA system is an online application designed to help estate agents manage their day-to-day work flow, maintenance logs, rent ledger and all other aspects of their agency.

I was responsible for the overall design of the system, the public website, the iPhone App and
the CMS add-on system all of which is now in development phase.

Access Control Solutions

Brief Overview

Currently in development

A Suffolk-based, security and home entertainment systems company required a dynamic website to showcase their portfolio of work.

I completed the project remotely and was responsible for the overall design of the project. Some minor retouching was applied to the supplied photographs to introduce some brighter colours.

Once completed the artwork was then handed over to a php developer to begin the website build.

AmplyVox UK

Brief Overview


AmplyVox is an audio and video door entry specialist company providing both digital and analogue systems to contractors throughout the UK.

I was asked to design the UK franchise’s brochure website and work out the simplest and clearest way of distinguishing between the digital systems and the analogue systems. This has been achieved by using two strong colours allowing visitors to easily identify which type of system they
are viewing.

This project was designed and coded by myself and delivered to the client within one and a half weeks.

Estate CMS

Brief Overview


The Estate CMS system is a secondary part of the Estate Management Application (EMA) system and also works as a stand alone product. The system offers clients a front-end view for their estate agency where they are able to upload and manage properties for rent or sale. The system runs as a CMS system allowing the clients to create additional pages and content for their business.

This website was designed to help sell and market the system and was designed and coded by myself. The site is currently in a testing phase.

Online Store

Brief Overview

Currently in development

Scijits are fun hand made creatures that each come with their own unique story.

The client required a fun and lively website and eCommerce store to sell their products. I was responsible not only for the overall design of the online store but was required to take all product photos and to ensure a seamless and smooth flow from the product page to the check out process.

iPhone App

Brief Overview

Currently in development

The Estate Manager Application (EMA) is going to be launched not only as an online web application but also as a mobile phone application allowing users to access the system at any time and from any where with 3g connectivity.

I was responsible for converting the current web application design to work on mobile phone hand sets as a native application, starting with the iPhone. This required new UI elements and carefully planning of the users experience and operation of the application.

London Freelance Digital Designer - Paul Stayt - EMA iPhone App Design

Beat The
Intro Game

Brief Overview

Beat The Intro is an interactive music game which consists of a single player mode, where users challenge the clock and guess the intro to earn points. There is also a multi-player mode using the Blackberry messaging network to allow players to host or join games and challenge their friends.

I was commissioned to design the user interface, user experience of the game and general aesthetics. Wireframes and storyboards were created to ensure smooth game play and ease of use for the user.


London Freelance Digital Designer - Paul Stayt - Beat The Intro App Design

Companzee Promo

Brief Overview


Companzee is an online competitions website offering businesses the opportunity to increase their brand awareness by offering prizes to their members. The competitions require a user to visit the companies website to retrieve answers thus driving more traffic to the companies website.

The client required a short motion graphics piece to explain the concept to potential clients. I was responsible for story boarding, design and final video production of the promo video.

london freelance motion designer companzee still 1 london freelance motion designer companzee still 2 london freelance motion designer companzee still 3

Sarah Walker Promo

Brief Overview


Sarah Walker, a Canadian based gospel musician, required a promotional video for her album Overflow's launch and for her campaign to raise funds taking action against poverty in Africa. Sarah is donated 50% of the proceeds from her album to support education for orphans and vulnerable children in southern Africa through MCC’s Global Family Program.

I worked together with Crate Digital, Canada, to produce the motion graphics for the campaign.

london freelance motion designer sarah walker still 1 london freelance motion designer sarah walker still 2 london freelance motion designer sarah walker still 3

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